Murtoli is a unique and an atypical destination!
Located at the southern tip of Corsica, set between the mountains and the sea, Murtoli spreads over 2500 hectares.  It is a private estate dedicated to hospitality and luxurious country living, dotted with magnificent stone made villas.  Maquis, prairies, woods, rocks, coves, beaches, through which the Ortolo river flows down, descending from the mountains through the valley and tumbling into the blue expanse of the majestic Mediterranean Sea.

All of these elements make the Murtoli Estate a perfect fusion of the vegetable, mineral, and animal worlds. Rustic villas make your clients sensorial experience complete.
Patrician villas or sheepfolds, stone residences, havens of comfort and peace; they have all been renovated respecting the island's traditional architectural style. Your clients will face a magnificent dilemma: a serene beachfront haven, a villa with breathtaking views over the valley and the sea, or a sheepfold nestled in the maquis...each one so ideally situated. Which of them will captivate the heart of your clients ?

The estate is a paradise for...well-being, leisure and pleasure and more specifically hunting, fishing, horseback riding, playing golf (starting late 2013), visiting the farm or just relaxing while having a spa treatment or chilling out in the sheepfold or villa.
Special events such as wedding celebrations, seminars, themed weekends or packages including lodging and various activities are also available along the year, depending of the season's.
At Murtoli, everything is proposed -
nothing is imposed

Domaine de la Vallée de l'Ortolo - 20100 Sartène

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